Board and Train/Boarding

I have been asked numerous times over the last couple of years, why I don't offer a board and train or even a boarding service.  Well, I do now and here is the best is very affordable compared to other board and train services.  What sets us apart from the other board and train facilities?  First of all, whether your simply boarding or boarding and training with us your dog is made part of the household.  Your dog will be crated or kenneled at night (like our own dogs are), but during the day they will receive A LOT of exercise and social time with other dogs and people.  Don't get me wrong there are rules and structure enforced in the home.  Secondly, If you are training with us your dog will receive one daily obedience lesson with me and daily house manner lessons where we address things like excessive barking, jumping on people, counter surfing, jumping on furniture or stealing food.  Finally, we take pride in your dogs training and behavior.  So, if we are not satisfied with your dogs progress at the end of the board and train period we will request to keep your dog a little longer at no charge to you.  Because we treat your dog like one of ours we can not accept dogs with any type of aggression toward people or other dogs.  We do require a meet and greet session at our location prior to taking your dog in.  This allows you to meet us and see the home so you are comfortable and allows us to observe your dog.  We only accept a limited number of dogs and we fill up fast so contact us soon.